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WisRID Committees function as the hands of the organization and to do the business of WisRID, providing programs and services for its members and implementing policies set by the WisRID Board.

WisRID Committees should follow the best practices that are established by the WisRID Board. All committee business is conducted in accordance with WisRID Bylaws.

WisRID Committees are vital to the success of the organization. Each committee serves its own purpose and is made up of WisRID members in good standing. Committee participation is on a volunteer basis and involvement is not compensated. However, some committees may offer discounted and/or waived fees for workshops, etc. as an incentive for participation.

All committee members and chairs serve from January 1st– December 31st.

In addition, some specific issues can be assigned to a task force. Upon its conclusion, it makes a report and recommendation to the WisRID Board and it is dissolved.

Join a Committee

Conference Planning 

Plans and conducts the WisRID Annual Conference to be held annually in various locations across the state

Educational Interpreters

Maintains the networking, collaboration, and support of the educational K-12 and postsecondary interpreters who are WisRID members

Professional Development

Creates professional development opportunities that meet the diverse needs and skill levels of WisRID members 

Scholarships and Awards

Promotes and maintains the Scholarships and Awards programs


Maintains records that track the history of WisRID


Maintains the online election account and its content 

Deaf Interpreters

Support the professional and skill development of Deaf Interpreters


Facilitates access to mentorship opportunities that meet the diverse needs and skill levels of WisRID members 


Maintains and develops WisRID publications, including the website, online newsletter (E-Interpreter), and social media outlets for WisRID


Maintains and revises the WisRID Bylaws and Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM)

Legal Development

Plans and coordinates trainings for interpreters to increase their competency in legal settings and raise awareness of the need for trained SC:L interpreters. 

Joint Legislative

Collaborates with the WAD Legislative Committees on the following priorities:

  • Interpreter Licensure

  • Mental Health

  • Education

  • Deaf Commission

  • Emergency Preparedness

CMP Sponsor

Coordinates with RID to approve and process CEUs for workshops

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