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What is the Board up to?

What issues are on the agenda?

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The WisRID Executive Board needs to review and revise the WisRID Bylaws every 3-5 years.  The last update was in 2019. The Bylaws state that in order to make content or policy changes to the Bylaws, the proposed changes must be made available to the membership 90 days in advance of an election for review. We are a member-led organization. Bylaw changes must go to a membership vote and a Quorum of 2/3rds of all Voting Members must be met to accept changes. 

In December 2023, the Bylaws were reviewed by the Board and proposed changes were posted for the membership to review. The online election ran from April 15, 2024 - June 15 2024. We, unfortunately, did not meet quorum so no proposed changes were adopted. 

Nevertheless, we persist.


In June 2024, the Board once again reviewed and made proposed changes. 

We are now posting the proposed Bylaw changes 90 days before our Annual Business Meeting. We will host an election during the 2024 Annual Conference in Appleton, WI. The election will be hosted online, but we hope that we can encourage more voting members to participate since many will be in attendance to the conference. 


We welcome member feedback

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