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2023 Winners, Helena and Leslie

Annual Conference 2023 Winners Helena Meyer and Leslie DeMeyer

Award nominations are accepted year-round for the annual WisRID service awards and will be presented at the annual conference. 

Nomination letters should include, as appropriate:

  • Individual’s background of meritorious service

  • Participation in local, state, and national activities

  • Participation in professionally related activities

  • Any other specific types of service to WisRID or other specialized service

  • Minimum of a year of membership in WisRID and RID, Inc.

Send your nomination letter or link to nomination video in ASL to 

  • Honorary Membership for an interpreter whose long time membership to WisRID, long time service to the field and/or service to WisRID are honored by receiving lifelong free membership to WisRID.

  • Distinguished Service Award for an interpreter who provides valuable service to the professional interpreting community.

  • Robert W. Horgen Award for a person, who is not an interpreter, yet provides a valuable service to WisRID.

  • Boyce L. Williams Award given to individuals, agencies, or organizations in recognition for meritorious service.

  • Honorary Members
    Robert Horgen *x Kenneth F. Huff *x David O. Watson x Evelyn Zola *x Eve Dicker-Eiseman Pamela Sue Conine (2022) Jim Hagan (2022) Leslie DeMeyer (2023) * Deaf or hard of hearing x deceased
  • Distinguished Members
    Lucille Olson (1975) Eleanor Collins (1977) Belle (Toni) Sullivan (1979) Eva Dicker (1981) Leo Dicker (1983) Margaret James (1984) Stephanie Kerkvliet (1991) Tim Mumm (1994) Doris Nyquist (1996) Beth Meyer (1997) Bambi Riehl (1998) Joanne Vandenbush (1999) Brenda Walker (2000) Sarah Benton (2002) Theresa Schmechel (2008) Kate Block (2015) Leia Sparks (2017) Sarah Grabko (2022)
  • Robert W. Horgen Award
    Evelyn Zola (1982) David Watson (1983) Marianna Kuglitsch (1984) Arvilla Rank (1986) Edith Simons (1991) Marian Ecklund (1994) Alisha Bronk (1996)
  • Boyce L. Willilams Award
    Boyce L Williams (1982) Nancy Hagen (1983) Milwaukee Young Lawyers' Association (1983) Norma Letourneau (1984) University of Wisconsin Milwaukee - ITP (1984) Patricia Twitchell Gondek (1986) Senator Brian Rude (1991) The Golden Arrow Bowhunters (1993, 1996) Mary Wright (1998) Professional Interpreting Enterprise, LLC (1999) Helena Meyer (2023)
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