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The Membership Cycle runs from Sept 1 - Aug 31.

You will be asked to renew again after Aug 31, 2024. 

Not sure what type of membership to select? Scroll down. 

* Your previous WisRID membership account credentials will not transfer here.


Please select Log In With Google or create your own new credentials before you register and complete your payment. 

  • Voting Member

    +$3 Processing Fee
    Individual interpreters who are also RID members
  • Associate Member

    +$3 Processing Fee
    Individual interpreters who are not RID members.
  • Student Member

    +$3 Processing Fee
    Any pre-certified individual currently enrolled in a course of Interpreting
  • Organizational Member

    +$3 Processing Fee
    For business or organizations
  • Supporting Member

    +$3 Processing Fee
    Individuals who are not interpreters.
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Membership Tier Descriptions
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